Spare part service

Arasta Company is the exclusive agent of German company , Gea Ecoflex , for marketting,production and service for Gea Ecoflex plate heat exchangers .(In all industries , there are variety of well known firms where our heat exchangers are currently used.

While plate heat exchangers acts as a new alternative to replace tube exchangers , supplying service and spare parts for plate heat exchangers become very important subject in all industries.

Thats why , arasta has a very important role in supplying spare parts and service for gea ecoflex plate heat exchangers , but also we are supplying the same items for every kbrand of plate heat exchangers . Arasta also is an agent of a British company where every type and brand of plate heat exchanger spare parts are produced , so in this way we have been playing a vital role in supplying service and spare parts even for very speacial plate heat exchangers.

Since the gasket production company has ISO 9002 , it is possible to have a certificate to suitibility to meet desired quality.

To cooperation with your company for plate heat exchanger maintaince aggreement so that you save time and avoid possibly risky treatments,

Or even when you sent us your heat exchanger we can supply maintaince in our factory with our expert stuff
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We would like to remind you once again that you may always contact us for any purposes regarding your heating-cooling applications , including any sort of engineering and consulting needs .

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