Main industrial applciations

light industry applications

-Surface passivization applications
-Machine cooling
   Cooling oil applications
   Cooling water appliciation
- Hydrolic oil application
   Hydrolic oil cooling
-Furnace cooling applications
  Cooling electrical panels of industrial furnaces
-Heat recovery applications
  In all processes where heat is emitted
-Painting applications
   In surface process and painting lines
   In direct paint production
-Emulsion cooling applicaitons
-Elektro chemistry applications
   Anotizing and metal cladding processes
   Direct NaCI production
   In yield of metal or element
   In elaksol baths
-Cooling compressor oil applications
-In glass manufacturing
   Cooling liquid glass
   Cooling fuel
   Cooling ambient air
-Ceramic and porcelain sector applications
   Oil and water cooling
-Waste water purification systems
   In mud baths
   In anaerobic applications
   In biologic purifications
-Washing sector applications
   Car washing
   Laundry centers
-Automotive sector
   Surface and painting applications
   In heat recovery
- Metal wire production
   In copper wire production,emulsion and acid cooling
- Casting sector applciations
   Mold cooling
   Heat recovery hot water -water ,water-steam/water
- Electric and elektronik sector
   Central computer and digital medium cooling
   Cooling electric panels
-Metal processing applications
   In elektrolysis
   Surface treatment
   Plastic sector applications
- Cooling emulsion machines cooling
-Tyre industry applications
   Machine oil cooling
- Leather industry
   Heating of paint in rotary painting furnaces
- Cement sector applications
   Cooling of roller and bearings of rotary dryers
   In air cooling applications
- Slaughtherhouses
   Hot water production for all purposes
-Packaging industry applications
   Machine oil cooler
- Hand tools sector
   Machine oil cooling
-Presses ,newspaper printing places
   Ink cooling
   Cooling of printing machines
- Science applications
  In tests of universities ,Reseach-development divisions,labaratories and related areas

Process and heavy industry applicaitons

-Petrochemistry applicaitons
-Chemical industry applications
   In every kind of production as chemical fluid ,pulp or solvent
   Clorine gas and caustic production lines
-Paper industry applications
-Fibers industry
-Pharmaceutical industry
-Soap industry
-Iron-steel industry
   Mold cooling
   Lub oil and washing oil cooling
   Process and spray water cooling
   Cooling of electric panels of high temperature furnaces
   In power units of electrical heating furnaces
   All electrical systems cooling
-Resin and adhesive industry applications
-Many applications in refineries
-Aluminium industry applications
-Fertilizer industy
-Cosmetic industry

Power production industry

-Steam turbine power generation applications
   Cooling of fuel tanks
   In heat recovery
   Cooling of air in turbines by river or sea water
 -Energy generation applications wiht gas turbines
   There are cogeneration systems surrounding the gas turbines ,they are used in cooling of coolants where coming from intercoolers.
   Heat recovery and domestic water yield
-Power generation applciaitons with diesel engine
   Lub oil cooling
   Cooling of coolants
   Heat recovery
   Cooling of fuel tanks
-Nuclear centrals
   Heating or cooling of reactor jacket waters
   Heat recovery and domestic water production
   Coolers in purification systems
-Atom,energy and reactor firms
-Hydro electric centrals

Marine applications

-Certain purposes in boats,ships
   pretty wide range of application
   Cooling of cooler oils with sea water
   Cooling of potable water with sea water
   Central cooling
   Lub oil cooling
   Injection oil cooling
   Heating of heavy oils and lub oils prior to separation
-Fishfarming applications
   All kind of heating-cooling purposes
   In automation of fish pool temperatures

Textile industry applications

-Heat recovery applications
   Waste water containing fibers or the waste steam is used as heating medium ,for mediums containing particles , the model N40 with a large gap is used as heat exchanger
-Atık su arıtma uygulamaları
   Waste water applications