Food industry main applications

Dairy industry

- Pasteurisation Systems for Liquid Food Applications
- UHT sterilization systems
- Plated milk coolers and heaters
- Plated ayran coolers
- Whey coolers
- Automatic and manuel CIP systems
- Automation systems
- Separators
- Homogenizers
- Centrifugal pumps

Juice industry

- Juice and concentrate pasteurization systems
- Fruid,vagetable pulp heating/cooling
- Fiber,fruit cell and pulp containing juice cooling/heating

Brevery industry

- Wort cooler/heater
- Wort boiling
- Whey flash pasteurization
- Whey and green beer cooling
- Beer flash pasteurization
- Steam condensing
- End process beer cooling

Carbonated drink industry

- All nectar and carbondioxide containing water coolings.

Sugar industry

- Juice heating /cooling
- Thickening juice by evaporation
- Heating /cooling for carbonation process
- Crystallization proces heatings
- Heating,purification before clarification