Gea ecoflex brazed plated heat exchangers

Brazed plated heat exchagers are used in operations where plated heat exchangers are out of posibility to use in.

Design and working principle

They are composed of copper brazed stainless steel plates where brazing is performed under vacuum .that means , the sealing is supplied by brazed copper instead of rubber gaskets.

Technical datas:

Working temperature :from -160 C to +300 C
Working pressure up to 30 bar
Test presuure 39 bar
Heat capasity max 2000 kW
Plate material AISI316(1.4401)
Brazing material 99.99% copper


Compact and light ,high heat transfer and efficieny,ability to work under high pressure and temperature,ease of assembling and less maintaince need , low investment cost,less coolant usage,mister advantage in evaporator purposes ,ability to work at high efficiencies in evaporator processes, ease of isolatin with low additional cost ,high standard and quality control advantages.

Mister:in evaporation, it is plugged into entrance side of evaporator and holds the liquid particles , where it prevents the liquid droplets to change into gas phase so that evaporation rate is increased by 70% .


Cooling applications,evaporator, condenser,desuperheaters,lub oil coolers,heating,district heating,central heating,swimming pool heating,solar heating, industry,machine cooling,engine cooling,cogeneration systems ,hydrolic oil cooling,reductor oil cooling,heat recovery.